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Seasonal Menu

Just like the seasons, our menu is always changing and utilizing what the harvest has to offer. Comforting bowls of pasta in the cold months and crisp salads to be enjoyed when the sun is hot, hot, hot! 

Chokecherry Kids

COMING SOON! Your little ones will adore our bento box styled lunches, designed with small bellies in mind! Send your kids to school with confidence knowing they’re getting the nutrition they need to learn and play. 


Your wish is our command! Just let us know what days you want to receive your meals, a general time-slot and poof! Delicious food appears at your door, just like magic. Could it be? We’ll never tell. 

We’re Local

Chokecherry Kitchen was born in the heart of Manitoba. We take great pride in serving our city and partnering with local vendors at every opportunity to give you the best product possible.

Budget Friendly

We make budgeting your weekly dinner menu a breeze — our team strongly believes that every household deserves access to affordable yet delicious food.


Our meals are delivered straight to your door, fresh and ready to eat! The only thing you have to do is sit back and enjoy. 


At Chokecherry Kitchen, our little team truly feels like a family (ignoring the fact that a small few of us are actual family members!).

Everything is a collaborative effort as we design our menu, test all of our methods, sample our meals and provide honest feedback to each other — always tweaking things as we go — to create the most comforting, delicious meals that we can.                                                                                    

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Not having to meal plan, grocery shop and cook is excellent. Receiving delicious food (with plenty of vegetarian options!) is even better! Plus, subscribing to Chokecherry Kitchen is guilt free as I’m not wasting money on expensive takeout.

Aasha M

I participated in Chokecherry Kitchen’s trial run and can honestly say that I am a complete convert. Unlike ordering from a restaurant and paying astronomical prices for food that is sometimes subpar and, ultimately, not great for your health, Chokecherry Kitchen offers many delicious and nutritious options! Taking the guess work out of what are are going to have for dinner a few times a week is so refreshing. And unlike some other meal delivery services I’ve tried, I love how Chokecherry Kitchen’s meals come fully prepared and ready to eat. I am proud to support this local, women owned company.

Teagan S


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That’s the only way to describe the experience of starting your own company. Paperwork, deadlines and marketing; there really isn’t very much time to relax. But at the end of the day, we wouldn’t change a single thing. Working towards Chokecherry Kitchen’s grand opening has taught me and my mom a valuable lesson in perseverance. …